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Maximus Moving Company LLC offers a wide variety of moving boxes and moving supplies to help you prepare your home or business for moving day.  Free delivery (of the boxes that you purchase) can be arranged.

Many clients want to know the sizes of the standard moving boxes and other packing materials. The following list reviews the sizes (approximately) of our most popular items.


•Small Boxes 16 x 12 x 12 (1.5 cubic feet)
•Medium Boxes 18 x 18 x 16 (3.1 cubic feet)
•Large Boxes 24 x 18 x18 (4.5 cubic feet)
•Dish packs 18 x 18 x 27 (5.25 cubic feet)
•Wardrobes 24 x 20 x 51
•Paper Pads 60 x 72
•25 Pounds Packing Paper 24 x 36
•Rolls of Tape 55 yds.
•18" Shrink Wrap 1500 ft per roll
•Bubble Wrap 2 x 125 (full roll)
•Labels 500 per roll

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