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 Experience - Integrity - Accountability - Respect

My name is Dennis Cotrone.  


Along with my son, Dan, I own Maximus Moving Company LLC based out of Hanover, MA.  All my men are experienced moving professionals.  Our success (and incredible customer reviews on “YELP” and other social media outlets) is a testament to their hard work, integrity and thoughtfulness - tops in the business. I have known each man who works for me for over 5 years and can attest to each person's character and work ethic.  

Our crews are skilled in all aspects of moving and packing, as well as disassembling or hoisting furniture - and piano moving.     


We only run four senior crews and unlike many of our competitors - we do not expand our crews at the end of the month by using unskilled labor to run additional trucks and take advantage of unsuspecting customers.  


I would like the opportunity to do a free onsite estimate for your upcoming move.  My estimates are based on years of experience, knowledge and honesty – not on a simplistic square foot calculation, total weight formula, or circling furniture shapes on a clipboard.


Once a job is booked, each customer gets my cell phone number and speaks directly with me, regarding any moving questions - not to a corporate customer service rep who is not familiar with your particular move.

We offer competitive rates with the personal touch that corporate companies cannot offer. This personalized service also extends to out-of-state moves.  We do not use tractor-trailers but load your household onto one of our 26’ box trucks.  Only your furniture goes into the truck and we drive your belongings directly to your new home.


We understand that moving is a process.  If a scheduled move date needs to be pushed back, we have the flexibility to work with the homeowner and re-schedule the move at no additional cost.  

Please give us a chance to prove ourselves on your next move.  You will not be disappointed.


Dennis Cotrone

Call or Text: 617-922-1253


Our core sectors of expertise are professional services, financial services markets, technology and outsourcing.

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